About Thetahealing

Thetahealing® - Faith Precedes the Miracle

In these times of spiritual revolution we see more and more techniques coming into our world about how to discover our true self and how to change and heal ourselves.
Thetahealing® is a well known and very powerful and profound technique that had been developed for the last 14 years by an amazing woman- Vianna Stibel from Idaho Falls USA. Vianna have been living her all life with the ability to look in other people's space and know exactly what are they going through physically, emotionally and energetically. In 1995 was diagnosed with an incurable cancer. She did her best healing herself with different healers, doctors, nutrition but although she had been supported she was not truly healed.

She discovered that when others are coming to her for a session they experience what we refer to as spontaneous healing. Short enough, she tried this on herself and her cancer was healed. The amazing thing Vianna had discovered was that this technique can be easily taught to anyone and so she now teaches around the world and more and more amazing healing testimonials can be seen today by different Thetahealing® clients and practitioners worldwide.
Thetahealing® is a registered trademark technique and used in hospitals and other institutions especially in Japan and India.

A life Changing Technique

The core idea of Thetahealing is our ability to tap into our eternal connection to "all that is", the energy that connects all. God if you may. By stepping into this paradigm our consciousness changes and evolves and allows us to heal diseases and emotional disorders deeply and to realize our true potential in many ways. When the Thetahealing technique was studied it show that whenever a person is using it, he moves to a deep meditative state of theta brainwave. These brain waves usually occur throughout our REM sleep-dreaming time. Within this time our subconscious and conscious mind connects and our brain is much more flexible to be reprogrammed and our body responds much faster to healing. First a physical healing method, Thetahealing has developed profoundly throughout the years to give answers and comfort to all of life situations.

In these days and age we are starting to realize what our thoughts and inner being are cable of. Even modern science starts to investigate how the physical and psychological and success in all life areas are affected by emotions, energy and the state of mind. This wonderful tool, takes this new insight to a brand new level. When using this connection and altering our mind to the theta state we are able to perceive and redesign our inner truths and deep subconscious memories patterns and emotions that we have been carrying throughout our all life and which drive and block us from the inside.

More than that, we learn how to take any positive thought or manifestation and instill it within our body and mind using special techniques of Thetahealing. This new life-changing paradigm teaches to heal and to manifest your dreams without the need to be a famous psychic or a guru. Using Thetahealing you just have to connect.

How can Thetahealing Help me?

Although unaware, our beliefs are not just an idea, they are our paradigm which we live in and respond to. They are powerful enough to block us from manifesting success, relationships and health.

It is known that most of our memories beliefs and patterns are stored in our subconscious mind. Usually reprogramming it takes much time energy and practice when using normative methods. Thus many people feel that they are always going in circles and cannot break free when it comes to changing their habits or making a breakthrough. When changing to this state of mind we use special therapy to quickly find and release the bottom issues from our childhood, genetics, collective consciousness and our spiritual being.

Thetahealing gives a new kind of answer that allows anyone to take full responsibility and to recreate our life, health, relationships, mind and spirit with a true freedom of choice and full intention.

This new idea allows us to deal with every situation without feeling helpless or using our old excuses for our misfortunes. We are opening up to a new potential of intuition, instant learning, spiritual and mind growth, changing of feelings, physical changes and manifesting our dreams into reality.
In the classes the student is initiated to become a co-creator with the energy of all that is and expand his awareness about his psychic abilities, the unseen worlds in other plains and creating the right space and progress to changing and healing ourselves and other people.

Thetahealing can also empower other techniques and different skills including meditation, creativity, self awareness, receive higher truths about your life and the whole existence and in more various ways that can bring peace and joy into your reality. This state of awareness is the space where miracles take place!

Science and Thetahealing®

The Quantum mechanics in various ways points that the witness to every process has an effect on the outcome of it. From the study of electrons that behave differently with and without a witness to much more complex studies, this new truth brings to life the importance of our thoughts and intention.
Many studies are showing that meditation, prayer and intention are able to affect other people's health, emotional well being, people's behavior and even the weather. When individually studied why some people have more results than other the main reasons were the state of mind of the person and his prior believes about his test. A deep theta brain wave and knowing how to witness with a clear intention gave better results.

In researching for the answers of healing miracles and healing of incurable diseases, one component exists repeatedly: a change of awareness and state of mind. We believe that using the connection to all that is, that alters the mind into a deep theta brainwave, is a key factor for fast and profound healing.

Various examples:
- Theta brainwaves are usually the required state during hypnosis and other therapies for a deep emotional healing and understanding.
- A placebo effect occurs when a client receive an inert pill instead of a real drug and receive the same results, it does so many times with a change     to theta brainwaves.                                                
- Different bio feedback and other studies have shown that when altering into a deep meditative brainwave our organs work in much more sync. This         process creates a much more healthy body and a peaceful mind.

During our daily life, our brain creates different chemicals all the time. These chemicals are spread throughout the whole body and designing our cells receptors structure and the function of the cell. Various researches show that every state of mind or a pattern of thoughts creates a different electrical patterns and different chemicals. Another had shown that when "sick" cells were moved to a new and balanced environment they became healthy again. Our inner environment is much monitored by the chemicals that are extracted from our brain in regarding of our emotional and mental well being. Ergo altering our mind is literally changing our health and well being.

The challenge with realizing this has to do with our ability to change our mind and to reprogram our mind's pattern and content. For most the answer is that we cannot do it in an aware state of mind, thus if a Theta state could be achieved willingly it might be the ultimate one to reprogram our mind and maintain our health.

Accordingly after Thetahealing sessions and classes many wonderful results are showing up:
- A special red blood cells examine showed a change of its form and function after one class with no change of diet. This small result is a major          breakthrough to our body health and inner balance.
- P.H that was taking in the end of a class in Idaho had showed that students regardless of their eating behavior had stayed alkaline- meaning healthy.
- Many more testimonials of Thetahealing about mental, emotional, physical and psychic changes and healing. Here is a taste:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utE9bCnMWJs

Please feel free to review our Testimonials' page.

This new life-changing paradigm is truly a gift that can contribute to anyone who wishes to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Frequently asked questions about Thetahealing®

Thetahealing® and Religion

Is Thetahealing working with any religion or in contrast with any?

Thetahealing respects any belief system and open to all. We believe we can all connect to the same one source energy and people can call it in their own name. Thetahealing is not and will not be a religion.

Healing and Thetahealing

What is the difference between healing and Thetahealing and what makes it special?

Healing is a common word these days which can describe an energy based technique or touch. Healing usually refer to people who poses power in their body and mind to heal others or to channel energy through them such as Reiki.
Thetahealing is a new paradigm of healing in which both the practitioner and the client are fully awake and aware of the process. The main idea of Thetahealing is a deep therapy called The belief work, in which the practitioner leads the client deeper and deeper into his body, life and subconscious mind.
When the deepest believes are uncovered and renewed the practitioner create a bridge between the client and his highest potential to heal himself with all that his, which causing the change to theta brainwaves.
There for Thetahealing is a whole new idea that brings many healing ideas together to create a technique that can help in any situation on any matter.

Contrast to conventional medicine

Is Thetahealing is a substitute to conventional medicine?

Thetahealing works and support hand in hand with conventional medicine. We do our best to help people so they wouldn't need the use of drugs and surgeries, although we are not against or a substitute of that.


Is Thetahealing just for people?

Thetahealing can be easily adjusted to work with animals. Many practitioners had already worked with different animals- mostly domestic and horses and achieved great results. No further classes are required, the technique adapts to its client.

Sessions or courses

How  do I know if I need a session or a course?

Session and classes are different in nature and would bring something different into your life.
If you are inquiring about a course and the information is not enough for you, see if there are any introduction nights around your area. At any case, one session can make a great deal with knowing if this is the Right technique for you.

Sessions generally are for those who are in need of healing or inner changing and would like to be supported and enjoy the knowledge and experience of others.
Courses are a doorway to a new way of life, developing your own self to be the best practitioner to yourself and others.
These two are in no contrast what so ever, for many times people are taking courses and at the same time are in sessions for comfort, healing and inspiration of how to work with Thetahealing.

Am I ready for this course?

Thetahealing® basic course does not required any prior knowledge or skills, there for open to everyone. Many think they are not ready regarding their psychic or spiritual background. These courses are designed to be easy to learn and easy to do and they are just the basic practice of an amazing world of tools, the rest of the practice take place in your life. Like many are saying, we are not here to learn, we are here just to remember.
During the basic course many of the needed information is covered, this making sure that all participants understand all the following knowledge.

Do I have to change my life?

Thetahealing® does not say how one should live in any way. During the classes we discuss life's most profound basis, although we believe and teach that free will and every paradigm needs to be understood and respected. Regardless, many people describe a great change in their life due to a change of perspective. This is later decided individually according to their inner truth.

Is it possible to heal everything?

We believe that the energy of all that is can change and heal anything and that our beliefs are mostly delaying this change.
Thetahealing does not only deal with diseases, it deals with life. In a way, poverty, loneliness, addiction and many more are diseases or disorders. Those also can be open up and changed using Thetahealing.

3 days are enough?

Most of the Theta classes are no longer than 5 days. This is the formal structure that was design by the founder and creator Vianna Stibel. Every day in these classes are full of knowledge and practice. We make sure that every student has the option to experience everything deeply enough to call it his own.
Although many reach a deep bliss and create wonderful changes in their life already during the class, the true practice begins with the daily life.
Thetahealing is designed to go with your everyday to every situation hand in hand. The classes are the initiation and activation of these tools, all the practice you need, will follow.

Can I use Thetahealing® as a meditation?

The deep Theta meditation is a wonderful way to celebrate the oneness with all and to clear your mind from distractions. Although different in nature than some meditations, it is full with a sense of bliss, harmony and many are describing that healing and bestowing of insights is already taking place there.

Can I Combine Techniques?

Thetahealing itself is mostly more than enough. After the class you will find your own way to mix and match and get the best of what you have learned. Thetahealing respect and appreciated any other healing modality and we believe that no modality is better than the other.

How Thetahealing® can change my life?

Thetahealing is open to deal and to enhance any of your life experiences. Belief work, healing and manifesting can be used in all matters such as health, find a partner, finding inner peace and manifesting and creating success.
Many are saying that theta had either supported them or created the change they needed in their life. People tend to find more creative ways to enhance their life with Theta as they dance, listen to music, out in the nature, while painting and in more amazing ways.